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Chuck Hammer and The League of Friends

Proxima B Terra #7

Proxima B Terra #7

Chuck Hammer is a “Regular Fella”…has a love for all kinds of Sports (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, etc.). He ran Track in Middle School and played Baseball in High School. He sprained his Ankle when he was 8, playing Street Hockey (On Metal Skates… Imagine that, Boys & Girls!), but he still had “10 second speed” in the “100 Yard Dash” …near a World Record of his time!

Chuck also dreamed of being an Astronaut* and going to The Moon, he was good at Science & Math, but floundered in College! Ended up getting a B. A. in Sociology, and work in Government for 34 years, Chuck kept his love of Science & Sports alive during his adult live…


Chuck helped people less fortunate than him in his government work, once he retired from his career, he wanted to see the World...But he remembered wanting to be an Astronaut! Chuck decided to work in the Travel Industry...But something happened One Moon-Lit One Night**...And He will never be the Same...*** “He dreamed of Terra #7...” Something told him “Just Believe!”

Proxima B in the Proxima Centuri System (Terra #7* in Chuck’s Dream)

Do you dream of Traveling the World...To Other Worlds? Want to Explore what makes the Earth “special” in the Solar System? Turns out We’re NOT special in The Milky Way (Galaxy), Join Chuck Hammer as He and The League of Friends investigate the World and prepare future generations to Explore Space!...To Mars and all the Way to Proxima b / Terra 7… But wait, do you know what make Earth special, what Sustains Life here (Perhaps on Mars & Even Proxima b), would you like to find out?

What do we breathe (Oxygen)? What do green plants do (Photosynthesis)? How about “Plankton?” And other questions will be raised of young travelers as they venture on a 3 year “Quest” to discover the Richness of the Earth, how to ‘Sustain’ it, and apply that knowledge to other “Exoplanets!”

-A 3 year Travel Program where Families & Groups will explore the World, understanding the Natural Sciences as well as Social Studies of Cultures around the World. Each Group will have their own payment plan that will pay for up to 2 trips a year (International and Domestic). If interested, indicate League of Friends in the Radial on the Contact Page! Are you a Gamer (Are you Ready to Battle Evil Climes along side Good Climes?! …And Learn & Explore ‘Astrometaphysics.’), indicate that in your Contact information!

- Study Groups / Gaming Groups: Are you and your friends interested in Earth Science applied to Space Science; are you in fields that use the “Natural Sciences”, and want to cross reference with Social Science Practitioners (and Visa-versa!)? Here’s your chance...The Branham Group is “Dedicated” to the following:

  • Global Health Care

  • Global Commerce

  • Global Demilitarization

    We have the Initial Plans for each aspect above; we will dedicate a portion of our profits towards those ends (Read The Global Vision of The Branham Group, must be 16 years of age, if you are under 18 you may need to get permission for your parents for certain events. )...Just indicate “Global Friend” on the Contact Page...and prepare an “Immersive” Ride of a Life-Time (Maybe all the Way to The 23rd Century of Humanity)!!!!!

-For Academia & Business Partners*: What are We at The Branham Group up to? Not really a Secret, but a Step “Forward” for Humanity...Immersive Reality is the next phase in Technological Development for Branham Clark Tech International, it will the perfect combination of “hands on” virtual reality with real world applications via Immersive Travel & Leisure Planning, Secured Global Commerce, Global Health Care, Global Gaming and Regional Development on a Global Scale...All from Savannah, Georgia, U. S. A.

If interested, contact Charles Branham of The Branham Group, please indicate by “Science Friend” Radial Button and / or “Business Friend” Radial Button (Non-Disclosure Forms and International Identity Checks/Passports, will Apply*)!

*Note: After vetting, Secured Emails and Correspondence will be established. Current Astronauts & Educators (bring your class on a Field Trip of a Lifetime****) are Welcome ( President Branham’s Note: ****In Dedication to “Educator” Sally Ride and The Challenger 7…Let’s go to Terra #7…)!